Saalihat Academy offers High School courses thru various credited Academic programs which are partnered with the ministry of education and e learning Ontario. You can find more information by visiting their website The Virtual Learning centre @ www.virtuallearning & The Independent Learning Centre (ILC) @

On successful completion of any of these courses the student will receive all necessary courses and credits needed for continuation into post secondary studies if wished.


One of the highlights of Saalihat Academy is the comprehensive Fazila course we offer. The duration is 4 years. The Fazila course consists of advanced Islamic Studies which includes expertise in:

  • Arabic grammar and literature
  • Urdu language grammar and literature
  • Qur’aan Tafseer (Traslation and explanation of the Qur’aan)
  • Hadeeth translation and explanation
  • Islamic Law
  • Islamic History.

This gives a great opportunity for high school students or graduated students to pursue higher Islamic Studies (Fazila course)


Saalihat Academy also runs a Tahfeez’ul Qur’aan program. This is committing the whole Qur’aan to memory. The duration of this course is based differently of every individual student.

Abdullah ibn Masud (r) narrated that Rasulullah (pbuh) said: He who reads one letter of the Quran it (becomes) for him a good deed, and a single good deed is rewarded (by Allah)  by ten times the like thereof. I am not saying that Alif-Lam-Mim is (just) one word, but that Alif  is a (separate) letter (word), Lam is a (separate) letter (word), and Mim is a (separate) letter (word). (Tirmidhi)

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